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About us

BNDD (BORNNDRAISED) is a global shopping platform that introduces local fashion designers from different cities around the world to international markets.
First featured city: Tel Aviv, Israel.

The designers are hand-selected and carefully chosen by us. We seek to bring quality to a game that's become all about quantity. We want to give the power back to true craftsmen and women who are scattered around the world and build an international stage for them to prosper on. Each selected designer is like a piece of a featured city's puzzle and all of them together represent each city's signature style.

Our vision is to enable our customers to roam the world for its most exciting fashion trends and designs. We want to give you easy access to all the best local talent, hiding behind a street corner in your soon-to-be most favorite shopping destination. We travel, we scout and we meet the people behind the brands so we can convey their message accurately and transport their story beyond its geographical boarders.

BNDD is the brainchild of two young, Tel-Aviv based entrepreneurs, Anat & Anna. 

Anat is Co-Founder & CFO, trade & financial background with a love for art history.
In Anna's words, Anat is an Economist, Operational-Pro and Risk Manager.

Anna is Co-Founder & CEO, marketing & communication background with a love for travel and story telling.
In Anat's words, Anna is a Marketer, Business Developer and a Connector.  

The two met while working at a tech startup in Tel Aviv and found a shared passion for fashion and technology. It was pretty obvious then, that they would cross paths again in the near future, which indeed happened 3 years later. This time around, both women were standing at their respective professional career crossroads and decided to join forces on a new project that would combine their shared interests and areas of expertise.

Anat and Anna came up with the concept for BNDD after realizing there was a void in the e-commerce fashion arena, one that targets top local fashion designers on one end and the fashion savvy, globetrotting, women of impeccable style, on the other. They set out to create the perfect place where local designers from around the world could present their brands to an international market - and shoppers could reach the farthest corners in the world to find that special piece they were looking for and couldn't find anywhere elsewhere.

One of the main driving forces behind BNDD was the promise to shine a light on the individual stories of the designers and interweave them with the tale of the city they represent. All featured cities presented together in one place, give a snapshot of the fashion world's versatile and ever-changing nature, as brought to you by the designers who live and breathe it around the world.