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Piercing Bangle

Large Gold Piercing Bangle.
₪ 705.60

Silver Piercing Ring

Peircing shape silver ring.
₪ 309.60

Gold Piercing Ring

Peircing shape gold ring.
₪ 345.60

Single Rib Chain Ring

Silver ring with a gold chain.
₪ 583.20

Bar Loop Bracelet

Silver and gold bracelet.
₪ 716.40

Knock Knock Necklace

A silver necklace with a hand shape pendant.
₪ 698.40

Embrace Yourself Ring

An adjustable silver ring.
₪ 687.60

Sword earring

Sword shape single silver earring.
₪ 234.00

GinGit Pearls Bracelet

A multi-strand bracelet. Oxidized silver/leather strap with pearls available in black/white/grey.
₪ 450.00

Point Break Necklace

Long necklace with a statement pendant. Available in oxidized Silver/Matte Gold/Bronze.
₪ 349.20

Joy Bracelet

Oxidized Silver bracelet. Available in Gold/Bronze & your choice of leather hue.
₪ 338.40

Bar Bracelet

Chunky chain oxidized silver bracelet. Available in Gold/Bronze.
₪ 338.40